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About Us

Advanced Interventional Pain Management Center or AIPMC is a newly established center which uses clinical proven treatment methods to aid and help people to lead a pain free life. Because not all have the same pain tolerance, we know that some methods to cure pain must be addressed with an in-depth analysis of every patient’s needs. Majority of pain sufferers don’t like the idea of undergoing surgeries and taking different medications because of the harmful side effects as well as addictive potential. Advanced Interventional Pain Management Center understands the needs of each pain sufferer who wants to get rid of pain and experience a long lasting pain relief without the use of various drugs or undergoing surgeries.

AIMPC caters pain management and diagnostics procedures. We also offer minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure when treating pain. With our simple and natural approach, pain sufferers will experience pain relief that would improve their quality of life to allow them to pursue a healthier lifestyle. So, what is pain management and how can you benefit from it?

Pain management is quite a new field in medicine. It is dedicated to provide everyone with pain relief by treating or diagnosing pain sufferers. There are numerous pain treatments available. Some of them are for specific conditions while others are for general patients. AIMPC’s offered treatments start by determining the hidden causes of pain and its anatomical source. Once the experts of AIMPC have detected the causes, we will plan for the necessary steps that would eliminate your pain. We will also determine if you will need interventional procedure, physical therapy or medication management.

AIMPC is different from other pain management centers because we identify the patients who have single or multiple conditions including rhematological, orthopaedic, and neurological disorders. We also spent most of our time to figure out the overlapping cause of the patient’s pain. Furthermore, our obligation is to educate the patients while implementing the procedures that are appropriate for their condition so they would have knowledge why and how the pain occurred.

AIMPC supports a team-based approach for the implementation of diagnosis, evaluation, prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of painful disorders. Our center is always available to offer advanced techniques such as injection therapy, pharmaceutical treatment, multidimensional pain syndromes, and rehabilitation to respond to the associated issues which all pain sufferers encounter.

There are many benefits that you will enjoy with our offered treatments. One of these benefits is that you will have long lasting relief with our minimally invasive procedures. Another benefit is that all treatments and procedures that we offer have been proven to be effective. Other than that, AIMPC offers unique approach which every pain sufferer can benefit from.

Everyone who suffers from painful conditions deserves the best pain management. Whether you got injured or you have been experiencing pain for quite some time, AIMPC is here to help you recover your healthy lifestyle without feeling any pain in your body. We are dedicated to improve your life and help you overcome your fear of surgical procedures. So, contact AIMPC today and live a pain free life.

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